Just Another Lifestyle Blog… Kinda

Alright, judgers, judge away! I’ve finally decided to get back into writing and will be using this blog as my outlet. I guess you could call this a lifestyle blog… if your lifestyle consists of over-analyzing conversations, impulse buying at Target and eating too much ice cream, then regretting it later. And, if that IS your lifestyle, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

First Things First

Now, I just want to make something SUPER clear. I am not starting a blog because I have a lot to say, but to show everyone that…

1. None of us have life figured out.

2. We are much more alike than we realize.

My Promise To You

I can’t always promise that this blog will be light or funny. At times, it may be sad, vulnerable, and probably strange, but I can promise you one thing: it will ALWAYS be real.

I’m here to show you the good, bad and the ugly about living the most average life ever. I truly hope that at least one person will read my posts and say “oh my god, me too!” or “wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one!” Or, at least find my experiences helpful or amusing in some way.

My Perspective

The final thing I want to note is that there may be times where I talk about my own perspective on certain aspects of life. However, it is NEVER my intent to preach at you, tell you how to think or make you feel like my way is the best way.

Why? Because who the heck am I to be giving out life advice, honestly? This blog is simply meant to inspire you to experience your life fully, however average you believe it may be.

You’ll soon find out that (if you didn’t know already) that nobody’s life is the way it’s portrayed on their Instagram account. I’m here to rip down that facade and give you a real look into a (semi) normal twenty-something’s life.

I’m so excited to have you come along for this (hopefully) exciting journey.


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