What 20-Somethings Really Want For Christmas

What 20-Somethings Really Want For Christmas

Friends and relatives of people in their 20s, you may have stumbled upon this blog for a handy list of Christmas gifts for people ages 20-29. Well, you’ve come to the wrong place… unless you’ve really got the power to make these things happen. Here’s what 20-somethings really want for Christmas. Enjoy!


1. To never see the headline “Millennials are killing _____” again


We’ve killed it all. From paper napkins, to divorce and casual dining restaurants. We. Get. It. We’re slowly but surely changing the world… does that make you uncomfortable?

2. To have flexible work hours

We want to work from wherever we want, whenever we want. Trust us to get our work done and believe me, you won’t be disappointed with the result.

3. To not be judged for treating our pets like children


Kids are expensive, okay? We love our fur babies more than anything, so don’t judge us for constantly following them around with a camera and buying them track suits and bucket hats.

4. To work less & travel more

The average American spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s over one-third of our lives. Life is short already, but work takes a big ol’ chunk out of the time you have to actually enjoy it.

5. To have less student debt


via SparkLife

Can I get an amen?! I’ve already griped and complained about this before here. So I’ll spare you the rant… this time.

6. To never have to leave the house to buy anything (besides Target runs)

Big shoutout to Instacart, Amazon Prime, Uber Eats, Postmates, and all the other online ordering services that bring us sustenance and essentials so we never have to leave the house…except for our Target runs. That’s date night.

7. To put business professional attire to rest


I get just as much work done in leggings, thank you very much.

8. To have a tv service where you can pick the channels you actually want to watch

Cable, we’re over you. We don’t need 5 religious channels, 4 Spanish channels, 17 news channels and 1 that just plays the same infomercials over and over again. Granted, we’re getting closer in our quest for a la carte TV, but we’re not 100 percent there, yet.

9. For people to stop asking when we’re going to get married, have kids, settle down, etc.

giphy (4).gif

We’re in no rush. There’s a lot of world out there to explore before we make these big (and expensive) life decisions.

10. To not be judged for our nostalgia

It was a great time to be a kid in the 80s and 90s! Don’t say it ain’t true, people. We grew up in simpler times, and some days, we just wanna go back.

11. To have “hangovers” like we did in college

giphy (1).gif

via Giphy

Remember when you could drink 2 bottles of wine before going to the bars, then take shots with your friends at the bar, go home, drink a beer and then wake up in time to make it to your 9AM? Yeah, those were the days.

12. To know where the heck our lives are going

Does anyone really know what they’re doing?! We need purpose and we need it now.

13. To sleep for 24 hours straight

giphy (3).gif

If you are in college, work a full-time job or have kids… YOU KNOW.

14. To have the time and energy to catch up with friends

…Instead of spending your free time in sweatpants rewatching every episode of The Office. Why is texting back so hard?! We know our friends are doing the same thing we are… nothing.

15. To have our high school metabolism back


via Gfycat

I’m sorry, no one told us our metabolism slows down this early. It’s cruel and unfair.

16. To not live with our parents

We’re poor. We’ve got debt. Rent is expensive. Believe me, no one likes living at home, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. PS our parents are SAINTS for letting us be roomies again.

17. To have someone follow us around with a camera

giphy (2)

via Giphy

Okay let’s not pretend we haven’t thought about this at least once! We’re the generation that grew up in front of the camera and have countless hours of dance recitals and soccer games on VHS tapes at home. We just want someone to capture all of our “candid” moments again.

18. To make it through this weird transition that is our 20s

We’ve got a lot to learn… we’re not kids, but we don’t quite feel like adults, either. Where do we go from here? Until we figure it out, we’ll continue to “fake it ’til we make it.”


Hopefully this blog gives you some ideas for even the pickiest millennial on your list. 😉 From the Abbey Normal Blog to you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a have Happy New Year!



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