Organize Your Entire Kitchen With These 16 Amazon Products

Organize Your Entire Kitchen With These 16 Amazon Products

Getting ready to tackle a full-scale, top-to-bottom kitchen organization? Baby boo, I’m prayin’ for you! Because we store so many items in our kitchens, it can seem like a daunting task. But, if you have the right items, it can make the whole process run a LOT smoother.

Recently, I dedicated a full week to organizing my kitchen. I took EVERYTHING out of the cabinets, drawers, pantry and fridge, and organized one space at a time. During this process, I found that the easiest way to determine where things would go and how they would be stored was to buy containers and storage systems to help me maximize the space I was working with. Amazon to the rescue! I was able to find everything I needed and more (of course) to turn my cluttered kitchen from chaotic to cohesive.

Check out these 16 Amazon kitchen organization products to get the job done.

Kitchen Drawer & Cabinet Organization

Credit: One King’s Lane

1. Drawer Organizers and Dividers

Drawer organizers and dividers will truly save your life when it comes to managing every single kitchen gadget you’ve collected over the years. I like using these to separate larger, frequently-used cooking utensils like spatulas and spoons from smaller utensils like can openers and meat thermometers. Shop here.

2. Food Storage Lid Organizers

Let me guess, your tupperware drawer is a hot mess. Well, mine used to be too until I got this tupperware lid organizer. You can stack your tupperware and keep the lids separate to easily grab what you need. Shop here.

3. Water Bottle Organizer

If you’re like me, you have way too many reusable water bottles. If you’re even more like me, the water bottles toward the back of the cabinet never get used. I love that this stackable water bottle organizer makes it easy to see all your water bottles at once. Shop here.

4. Pan/Cutting Board Organizer

Stop stacking your pans and cutting boards right now! If you have been playing Russian nesting dolls with your pans, you need this adjustable rack in your life. Instead of vertically stacking your pans and lids, this adjustable rack allows you to horizontally store some of the hardest-to-store items in your kitchen. Shop here.

5. Cling Wrap and Aluminum Foil Rack

If you’re running low on drawer space and don’t want to keep your aluminum foil and plastic wrap in your designated “junk drawer,” this storage rack is a great compromise to help you maximize space. Shop here.

6. Under the Sink Stackable Organizer

Under the sink storage is a game changer when keeping track of kitchen cleaners, dishwashing detergent, hand soaps, dish brushes and more. You can decide that one sliding drawer is enough or you can purchase one like this, which has two stacked sliding drawers to increase your under the sink storage space. Shop here.

Pantry Organization

Credit: The Home Edit

7. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are an essential part of your pantry and cabinet organization. They help group similar items like dry goods or condiments and can take your space from cluttered to clean in a matter of moments. I love these specific baskets because they are lower in the front, so you can see more of the items in each one. Shop here.

8. Lazy Susan Turntable

I could not love these lazy susans more! I currently use these all over our home, but they are a great size for storing smaller food items like granola bars, snack packs, nuts, etc. When we buy granola bars, we immediately take them out of the cardboard box and put them in their designated compartment so we can store them more efficiently. Shop here.

9. Airtight Storage Containers

Personally, I couldn’t fathom organizing my pantry without these storage containers. Whether you’re filling them with cereal, flour, rice or pasta, these containers will give a seamless look to your pantry and you won’t have to worry about anything getting stale. These OXO storage containers come in many shapes and sizes to fit any snack or non-perishable items in your pantry. Shop here.

10. Reusable Labels

If you’re going to incorporate storage containers into your pantry organization, I highly recommend getting some reusable labels. I like this set because the chalk paint can easily be wiped off and rewritten if the contents of your container change. These are especially great for items that look similar outside of their normal packaging – like flour, corn starch and powdered sugar. Shop here.

11. Three Tier Shelves

These three tier shelves are so versatile in a pantry or cabinet. You can use them for organizing spices or even canned items. By stair-stepping your spices or cans, it makes it easier for you to read the labels so you can spend less time searching for what you need. Shop here.

12. Non-Perishable Food Organizers

This is just one example of the cool ways you can storage smaller pantry items. I have this exact item and use it for storing tea, seasoning packets and granola bars. Shop here.

13. Spice Jars & Labels

Call me crazy for buying spices in jars and then buying OTHER jars to put those spices in. I like the consistency when it comes to size and labels, though. By using the same sized jars for your spices, it’ll be easier to store them however you’d like – whether that’s on a hanging spice rack, a multi-tier shelf or a lazy susan. Shop here.

14. Over the Door Spice Rack

There are plenty of ways to store your spices, baking supplies and other smaller pantry staples, but one of my favorite ways to maximize pantry space is to add storage to the back of the door. If you are in a temporary living situation or don’t want to screw anything into your doors, an over-the-door rack is the perfect choice. This will help make room for more food storage in a smaller pantry. Shop here.

Fridge Organization

Credit: The Home Edit

15. Clear Storage Bins

Refrigerators are one of the most difficult things to keep organized because the contents are constantly changing. By creating a designated spaces for certain items with clear storage bins, it’ll be easy to figure out where certain items go and what items go together – like lunch meat and cheese, yogurt, breakfast foods, etc. Shop here.

16. Soda Can Organizer/Dispenser

Whether you’re a diet coke addict or a La Croix lover, this can organizer and dispenser makes it easy to keep your cans straight. I particularly like this product because additional dispensers can be stacked on top if you have more than nine cans. Shop here.

Hopefully this post helps you compile a list of goodies you’ll need to successfully organize your kitchen fridge, pantry, cabinets and drawers. To see a more exhaustive list, you can check out my Amazon storefront here. Happy organizing!


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