20 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

20 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

New Year’s Resolutions. Every year, you make ’em. Every year, you break ’em. This year, surprise yourself by sticking to at least one on this list. Trust me, it’ll be easier than you think.

1. Stop hitting snooze in the morning

Okay, admittedly this is the hardest one. But as the great Shia LeBeouf and Nike both say, just DO IT. I love this article from Trello about having a productive morning routine.

2. Put your phone down

Finish reading this blog and then get off your dang phone! Spend time with real humans. Do a puzzle. Read a book. It’s good for your soul, people.

3. Call your mama… or any family member

Okay, turn your phone back on and call your mom/dad/sibling! Make it part of your weekly routine. Why? Because they miss you.

4. Try one of those weird fruits at the grocery store

Who cares if it’s spiky and smells weird. Go for it! Life is all about trying new things.

5. Take a vitamin

TBH, you probably need it.

6. Print out your photos

Instagram is cool but remember how fun it is to flip through a photo album or scrapbook?

7. Step into a gym

That’s it. You don’t have to work out, but maybe just go in and say hi. And, if the gym isn’t your thing, I heard Prancercise is making a comeback in 2019. 😉

8. Eat a vegetable

Like at least one. It won’t kill you.

9. Stop texting him/her back

Let’s be real, they don’t deserve you. And 2019 you deserves WAY better.

10. Throw away your socks

Or any other article of clothing that has holes, loose elastic or is from the early 2000s.

11. Floss (not the dance)

There are two types of people in this world: those who don’t floss, and those who don’t floss and lie about it to their dentists.

12. Be one with nature

Do some frolicking or maybe just sit and enjoy the outdoors… WITHOUT posting a pic on social media.

13. Hydrate

Mmmm water! It’s delicious and nutritious… and you probably don’t drink enough of it. (I’m also not saying to drink less coffee or wine, because no one needs that negativity in their lives.)

14. Contribute to your savings account

Sixty-six percent of millennials don’t have anything saved for retirement. We might be poor, but hey, we’ve got some spare change in our car cup holders! Let’s save some dolla dolla bills this year, y’all.

15. Soak your feet

The feet are the foundation of your body. Literally. Take care of those bad boys.

16. Be less judge-y

I’m talking to YOU, Internet trolls. Can’t we all just get along?!

17. Make a doctor’s appointment

R U OK? Call the doctor and find out for sure. (And no, your mom cannot make your appointment for you.)

18. Change your sheets more

I guarantee you aren’t washing your sheets enough. Which means you’re letting little bitty dust mites eat the dead skin cells off your bedding. In fact, the 1.5 grams of skin shed by a human each day can feed 1 million dust mites. Gross, huh?

19. Pack your own lunch

The average American spends $20 eating out per week, which equates to $1,043 a year. Think about how much $$ you would save if you packed your lunch instead.

20. Stretch

Lots of benefits here, folks. If you want to increase flexibility, reduce stress, prevent back pain, decrease headaches, etc., you’ll definitely want to consider adding 5-10 minutes of stretching into your daily routine.

Most importantly, don’t stress out about New Year’s Resolutions. Life is hard, but little changes make a big difference over time. And remember, perfection is unattainable and people still won’t floss in the new year, so don’t beat yourself up over not achieving everything you set out to do.

I hope 2019 brings you lots of adventures, great memories and personal growth. Happy New Year! 🎊


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